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Sytrjv - Lateral Latency

After the mysterious disappearance of the ethereal entity known as Sytrjv in 2009, all that remained were a a couple of tracks on an abandoned myspace page and a few remixes for the likes of Iqbit, Unterm Rad and Hecq. But a recent discovery at a hardiskeology site on the outskirts of Rome has unearthed a vast array of out of place artifacts from as early as 2003. The artifacts will be organised and progressively released here on brainstormlab. Since their discovery, some of the specimens have shown signs of life, which, if the allignment is right, may harbour a return of the obscure occurrence... Be prepared..

Bunai Carus - Veil EP

And here it is. French duo Bunai Carus are on the rise since their formation in early 2013 and we are happy they made a pitstop in our edge of the universe.Veil merges clean cuts on soaring pads to great visual effect. Ranging from abstract sound design to syncopated glitch, this album plays as a single story line to be heard from start to finish, for the whole cinematic experience.

In the video section is the music video for the track "LUCID" taken from the upcoming EP by French duo Bunai Carus - The video is courtesy of Nicolas Millot and Caroline Collinot.

Bunai Carus - LUCID Video

XZICD with another unspeakably named hit to keep you fit with a live take workout in the player.

Upcoming KAIJU #5 on the 8th of March. The KAIJU team bring their formula to the Muzak club in Rome with live sets by PIERLO, INICOLABUG and JFRANK as well as DJ SETS by eclectic selector MALACARNE and vinyl junkie ORREE - who's pre party mix you can get HERE. The party is linked to the first release of the KAIJU vs format and they will be selling tapes for 3.50 at the party - Listen to K001 HERE

IQBit / Mahmoud Refat / Maurice Louca - CAIRO JAM

From the Archives IQbit sends us a live recording from his travels. An electro acoustic jam session recorded on the 8th of April 2011 with 2 prominent members of Egyptian underground electronica - Mahmoud Refat and Maurice Louca - Founder and releasing artist respectively on the label 100COPIES MUSIC


A new name to our mutable face here on brainstormlab - and long over due for that matter. MITOMA's first contribution to community is no less than a 12 track LP. Coming from that realm of electronic music where fronts collide as warm and melodic sheets melt over robotic splicing appendages, all to the sound of pulsing progressive rhythms *breathe*. Cover art by Theresa Silver shows the frozen landscape in wave capturing tectonics. Being an LP there is more space for construction and narrative confirming that album needs to be seen as well as heard.

Nukua_ Compressed

No longer a coincidence and punctual as ever, Nukua returns every 8 releases. The sacrifice in this ritual is a collection of 7 clinically cut, cautionary tales for all ages and persuasions. Preferably absorbed in a peaceful environment and feel the closeness..

XZICD _ Denocleosis Reutomaghafth Remix Album

Once upon a time, portuguese afro-donning movie nerd XZICD makes 4 track EP and giant derivative remix pack. Sends to 11 friends without original track reference and entices liberal use of samples. And so the camel got his Denocleosis Reutomaghafth. The end.

RALP _ 0812

From the recesses of some chunky hard drive on a shelf between a stack of gameboys and a broken monitor, comes Ralp's retrospective _ a Ralprospective! All pieces created from 2008-2012 this marvel of self-historification contains 14 tracks in what can only be described as the voice of machines. Ralp is a true synthesis purist and every sound was produced from scratch... and they are legion! This collection is emblematic of Ralp's style and will be marked with a limited edition hardcase CD - ORDER NOW @ WWW.RALP.ORG or

COMING SOON Rule 03 compilation + more from IQBIT, o_F, XZICD as well as unreleased SYTRJV tracks from the Archives...

Interactive banners made in Processing by MEZE, Set Controls RALP, Jfrank

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Also: recently recovered live footage and recordings of long gone live events and jam sessions have been found are periodically being uploaded onto our youtube and soundcloud channels - we are unsure by who..

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Album Cover

Lateral Latency

Free Download. Unearthed artifacts from the ethereal entity that is Sytrjv.

Album Cover

Bunai Carus
Veil EP

Free Download. Rising stars Bunai Carus take us on an astral trip with Veil EP. Check the Lucid video on the right..

Album Cover

IQbit / Mahmoud Refat / Maurice Louca
Cairo Jam

Free Download. From the Archives electro acoustic jam session recorded live by IQbit with Mahmoud Refat and Maurice Louca of 100COPIES MUSIC.

Album Cover


Free Download. MITOMA's first release on brainstormlab with mythical 12 track LP.

Album Cover


Free Download. Nukua returns by 1/8ths with new EP C___O___M____P___R___E__S____S_____E_____D

Album Cover

Denocleosis Reutomaghafth Remix Album

Free Download. XZICD EP with 11 mashed up remixes by JFrank, Dubit, Ralp, Amyloid, Maesia, Randomform, Vicetto,Nukua, Enabl.ed, Huron and Somaticae.

Album Cover


Free Download. Premute project on glacial abductions in Alaska.

Album Cover

Set Controls
Warm Front Monuments

Free Download A new metereological phenomenon by Set Controls.

Album Cover


Free Download mp3 / 50 copies limited edition CD - to order contact: /

Album Cover

Groove Quotient.

Free Download. Classically trained composer rachMiel electronically decomposes himself > Groove Quotient.

Album Cover

Dino Felipe

Free Download. From the Archives Dino Felipe's last 'electronic' outing dated 2007-2008.

Album Cover

Vapr Core EP

Free Download. Randomform debut on Brainstorm with Vapr Core EP..

Album Cover

RULE 02_compilation - software included

Free Download.Various Artists showcase Datadada Download includes Win/Mac/Linux binaries and source code > January 2011 > BSL_034

No, Seriously Nukua- December 2011_BSL 044

Sound.Paper 2 Enabl.ed- November 2011_BSL 043

jStenBibiÔgta_gitgitcht'nde-Blsák XZICD-October 2011_BSL 042

Sundial Set Controls- September 2011_BSL 041

Nexbiome Digital Dubplate Plaster VVAA- August 2011_BSL 040

Inconsistency JFrank- July 2011_BSL 039

Musik Baucher Noten Dino Felipe - Fm control- June 2011_BSL 038

Clar EP Somaticae- May 2011_BSL 037

Phorme Nukua- March 2011_BSL 036

Confussion Nerv'OZ- February 2011_BSL 035

Pur Beurre Iqbit- November 2010_BSL 033

1001 EP Rec_Overflow - October 2010_BSL 032

mLeeCyru_JellBeiTrrrCtntinu XZICD- 2009_BSL 031

walk the static snow Jfrank- 2009_BSLive090310

Point Paradis Essa.M- 2009_BSL 030

Sound.Paper Enabl.ed- 2009_BSL 029

Live - Fur EP Somaticae- April 2009_BSLive170310

Csoscoma Nukua- February 2009_BSL 028

B_n EP Plaster- January 2010_BSL 027

RULE 01 COMPILATION Various Artists- December 2009_BSL 026

Urntseinnde Edbripmxpeers XZICD - October 2009_BSL 025

The 3 Necks And Sea EP Dubit - August 2009_BSL 024

Megamorph Iqbit - 2009_BSL 023

Adiscipling Vehicula Sytrjv - April 2009_BSL 022

Objects FMcontrol - 2009_BSL 021

-com Somaticae - 2008_BSL 020

Live @ Tuscania 2004 Iqbit & Sytrjv - 2008_BSLive 241003

Buclo EP Ralp - 2008_BSL 019

Un1q Deconstruction Dubplate Various Artists - 2008_BSL 018

7 Acid Sundaes Jfrank - 2008_BSL 017

L-ECTRO NO-EFFECTS Iqbit - 2008_BSL 016

Laptop Tans & Digital Cowboys Jfrank - 2007_buy on iTunes.

B-side Trash & Fairytale Electronica Jfrank - 2007_BSL 015

Just 10 more minutes... Jfrank,TLK - 2007_BSL 012

Bootleg_06 Jfrank - 2006_BSL 010.

Laptop Orgy 25 Live - 2005_BSLive 251005.

Saund Scraund TopforTom - 2005_BSL 009

Random Generation Jfrank, Curzio - 2005_BSLive 140405

Greenbottle Jfrank - 2004_BSL 007

Mixtape 01 Jfrank, Dabs - 2004_Live Jam Session

JFrank & TopforTom JFrank,TopforTom - 2003-BSL 006. NOT AVAILABLE

4b J, Bij, Gabe - 2003-BSL 005. NOT AVAILABLE

Crowd dynamics Judge - 2001-BSL 002. NOT AVAILABLE

001 Nick Damone - 2001-BSL 001. NOT AVAILABLE